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To obtain City & Guilds 2079 – F-Gas Certification you will need to undertake and pass a Theory test (80minutes) and a Practical Assessment (up to 4hours) at any of our 9 UK branches.

We provide F gas training and F gas certification at the following branches:

Aberdeen – Atlanta – Bristol – Derby – Glasgow – Houston – Leeds – London – Manchester – Miami – Newcastle – New York – Los Angeles –  Oxford

Below are the F-Gas certification courses, follow the link for other refrigeration, heating and air training courses.

F Gas 2079 – Preparation and Assessment Packages

GOLD Package – $520

This is suitable for experienced engineers who need to refresh their theory knowledge before undertaking the assessment

The package includes preparation theory course + City & Guilds 2079 theory and practical Assessments at one of our branches.

Methodology: The candidate studies and prepares for the City & Guilds theory assessment online. The online course follows City & Guilds 2079 assessment specifications and emulates the City & Guilds exam methodology. It is packed full of interactive content, animations, 4 banks of questions and a glossary of terms.

Since the theoretical F-gas training is online (a flash movie) you can study at your own pace and convenience from work or home and for as long as you need. Study time vary depending on your previous knowledge: 3 to 8 hours.

Once you have completed the theory training course you will undertake the City & Guilds Theory and Practical assessment at one of our 9 branches.

SILVER Package – $340

This is suitable for very experienced and knowledgeable engineers who do not require any preparation.

The package is for the formal Theory and Practical assessment only.

Methodology: All you have to do is arrange a suitable assessment date with , pay for the course and undertake the City & Guilds Theory and Practical assessment at one of our 9 branches.

PRACTICAL DEMO Package – 1 person $300 / 2 persons $250pp / 3 persons $234pp

This is suitable for experienced engineers who require a practical refresher and practical demonstration in advance of booking and undertaking the formal assessment.

Methodology: The objective of this one-day package is to provide familiarization with the F-gas Assessment Rig and assessment process. It includes a demonstration of the assessment rig by our assessor, individual hands-on familiarization for each person; and a classroom session covering any questions regarding the practical or theoretical assessments

General information

All prices above exclude VAT and City & Guilds Registration & Certification fees of £60 Assessment dates are first-come-first served and subject to existing branch bookings so book early to confirm your date as we are expecting a “mad rush” as we near the deadline. Assessments normally commence at 08:30 hrs and finish about 14:30 hrs including breaks. LOOK AT City & Guilds 2079-Practical assessment Photos and get an idea of what you will be required to do.